This pipeline is used to add content into the view pages for editorial objects in the private zone. It is called as demonstrated below:

pipeline('afficher_fiche_objet', array(
    'args' => array(
        'type' => 'type_objet',
        'id' => $id_objet),
    'data' => "<div class='fiche_objet'>" . "...contenus..." . "</div>");

As of writing, it is used for adding elements to the "articles" and "navigation" (sections) pages.


The "Forum" plugin uses this pipeline to add buttons enabling discussion of an article. It does this by adding a forum reference to the footer of the article page:

function forum_afficher_fiche_objet($flux){
    if (($type = $flux['args']['type'])=='article'){
        $id = $flux['args']['id'];
        $table = table_objet($type);
        $id_table_objet = id_table_objet($type);
        $discuter = charger_fonction('discuter', 'inc');
        $flux['data'] .= $discuter($id, $table, $id_table_objet, 'prive', _request('debut'));
    // [...]
    return $flux;

Author Mark Baber Published : Updated : 31/05/10

Translations : English, français