This pipeline is used to add content to the "left-hand" column in the private zone pages. This column generally contains links or forms relating to the currently displayed content, like the form for adding a logo for the current section/article.

  1. echo pipeline('affiche_gauche', array(
  2. 'args'=>array(
  3. 'exec'=>'articles',
  4. 'id_article'=>$id_article),
  5. 'data'=>''));


This pipeline accepts the name of the currently displayed "exec" page as an argument, as well as the possible identifier for the object currently being displayed, such as the "id_article".


The "spip bisous" plugin, which is used to send kisses(bisous) amongst site authors, employs this pipeline to display the list of kisses received and sent for the author pages:

  1. function bisous_affiche_gauche($flux){
  2. include_spip('inc/presentation');
  4. if ($flux['args']['exec'] == 'auteur_infos'){
  5. $flux['data'] .=
  6. debut_cadre_relief('',true,'', _T('bisous:bisous_donnes')) .
  7. recuperer_fond('prive/bisous_donnes', array('id_auteur'=>$flux['args']['id_auteur'])) .
  8. fin_cadre_relief(true) .
  9. debut_cadre_relief('',true,'', _T('bisous:bisous_recus')) .
  10. recuperer_fond('prive/bisous_recus', array('id_auteur'=>$flux['args']['id_auteur'])) .
  11. fin_cadre_relief(true);
  12. }
  13. return $flux;
  14. }


Author Mark Baber Published : Updated : 31/05/10

Translations : English, français