The insert_head pipeline adds some content into the <head> section of an HTML page:

  • wherever the #INSERT_HEAD tag has been used,
  • otherwise just before </head> if the function f_insert_head is called in the affichage_final pipeline - for example with this line in mes_options.php :
$spip_pipeline['affichage_final'] .= '|f_insert_head';

The pipeline accepts the contents to be added as arguments and returns the completed contents:

function prefixPlugin_insert_head($flux){
	$flux .= "<!-- A comment that does nothing ! -->\n";
	return $flux;


Add in a jQuery function call, in this case, to display a toolbar for textarea tags in the Crayons forms (with the plugin "Porte Plume"):

function documentation_insert_head($flux){
	$flux .= <<<EOF
<script type="text/javascript">
	/* Add a porte plume toolbar into crayons */	
	function barrebouilles_crayons(){
		$('.formulaire_crayon textarea.crayon-active').barre_outils('edition');
	return $flux;

The onAjaxLoad JavaScript function is used here to provide the given function as a parameter during the AJAX load of a page element.

Author Gilles Vincent Published : Updated : 12/03/23

Translations : English, français