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Interrupting the automatic tag processes

The security processes and defined processes apply automatically to the tags, but it is possible to turn them off for special cases within a given template file. In essence, this delivers the tag content in a more "raw" format. Adding the "asterisk" suffix to a tag has this effect:

  1. // execute all processes
  2. #BALISE
  3. // avoid the specifically defined processes
  4. #BALISE*
  5. // avoid even the security processes
  6. #BALISE**



To delay the application of typographical adjustments and the conversion of SPIP links for the text on a page (the propre filter is normally applied automatically) so that you can interpose your own custom filter before applying the "normal" filter again afterwards, you could do this:

  1. [<div class="texte">(#TEXTE*|special_filter|propre)</div>]