The sql_fetch() function returns a row, in the form of an associative array, from the results of a selection. It returns false if there are no more rows to be retrieved.

It accepts 3 parameters, only the first of which is mandatory:

  1. $res is the resource generated by an sql_select(),
  2. $serveur,
  3. $option.

This function is used in strict conjunction with sql_select(), often used in the following manner:

if ($res = sql_select('column', 'table')) {
    while ($r = sql_fetch($res)) {
        // use the results with $r['column']


List the articles proposed for publication:

$result = sql_select("id_article, id_rubrique, titre, statut", "spip_articles", "statut = 'prop'", "", "date DESC");
while ($row = sql_fetch($result)) {
    if (autoriser('voir', 'article', $id_article)) {
        // actions

The "Contact avancé" plugin can save messages in the spip_messages table. When one of these messages is deleted, it also deletes any documents that may be linked to it:

function action_supprimer_message() {
    $securiser_action = charger_fonction('securiser_action', 'inc');
    $id_message = $securiser_action();
    // Check if we have any documents
    if ($docs = sql_select('id_document', 'spip_documents_liens', 'id_objet=' . intval($id_message) . ' AND objet="message"')) {
        while ($id_doc = sql_fetch($docs)) {
            supprimer_lien_document($id_doc['id_document'], "message", $id_message);
    sql_delete("spip_messages", "id_message=" . sql_quote($id_message));
    sql_delete("spip_auteurs_messages", "id_message=" . sql_quote($id_message));

The calculer_rubriques_publiees() function within ecrire/inc/rubriques.php is used to recalculate the statuses and dates for sections in order to find out which have the status of "publié" (published). Within the function, a code segment selects the sections which have published documents (and therefore so does the section) and assigns a temporary column for the new status and new date. Once the updates are completed, the temporary column is saved into the real column:

// Set the counters to zero
sql_updateq('spip_rubriques', array(
    'date_tmp' => '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
    'statut_tmp' => 'prive'));
// [...]
// Publish and date the sections which have a published *document*
$r = sql_select(
        "rub.id_rubrique AS id",
        "max(fille.date) AS date_h"),
        "spip_rubriques AS rub",
        "spip_documents AS fille",
        "spip_documents_liens AS lien"),
        "rub.id_rubrique = lien.id_objet",
        "rub.date_tmp <= fille.date",
        "fille.mode='document'", "rub.id_rubrique"));
while ($row = sql_fetch($r)) {
        "id_rubrique=" . $row['id']);
// [...]
// Save the modifications
sql_update('spip_rubriques', array(

Author Mark Baber Published : Updated : 02/06/10

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