The function include_spip() includes a PHP file. The difference from PHP’s normal include_once() is that the file is searched for in the SPIP path, that is, in all the known directories and in the search priority order specified in the SPIP path.

include_spip() accepts 1 or 2 arguments and returns the address of the file found:

  • the name or relative path of the file (without its .php extension)
  • a flag called inclure (true by default) that indicates if the file is actually to be included, or if only the path of the file is to be returned.
$address = include_spip('filename');
$address = include_spip('filename', false); // inclusion is not performed


Load the functions file for "mini présentations" so that we can call the minipres function to display an error page.

echo minipres('Bad luck!', 'An error has occurred!');

Author Gilles Vincent Published : Updated : 12/03/23

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