The information panel

To add a page description, or a description of the object/id_object currently being shown, a type of insert panel has been envisaged: "boite_infos" (info_box)

It is often used in a way to add a function into the left column:

// left column
echo debut_gauche('', true);
echo cadre_nom_infos();
echo pipeline('affiche_gauche', array('args'=>array('exec'=>'nom'),'data'=>''));

This function calls the pipeline and returns its contents in a panel:

// display the page information
function cadre_champs_extras_infos() {
	$boite = pipeline ('boite_infos', array('data' => '',
		'args' => array(
			// possibly the object's ID and the SQL line
			// $row = sql_fetsel('*', 'spip_nom', 'id_nom='.sql_quote($id_nom));
			'id' => $id_nom,
			'row' => $row,
	if ($boite)
		return debut_boite_info(true) . $boite . fin_boite_info(true);	

The pipeline automatically loads a template (with the context supplied by the args array) of the same name to the "type" parameter in the prive/infos/ directory i.e. prive/infos/nom.html. It must then be created with the desired content.

Author Mark Baber Published : Updated : 12/03/23

Translations : English, français