Adding a type of glossary

It is possible to add links to external glossaries from SPIP using the [?nom] shortcut. By default, the links are made to wikipedia. To create a new glossary link, there is the [?nom#typeNN] syntax available.

  • type is a word for the glossary
  • NN is an optional numeric identifier.

A simple function called glossaire_type() is used to return a particular URL. 2 parameters are passed: the text and the identifier.


A link to the trac source files for SPIP 2.1:

@define('_URL_BROWSER_TRAC', '');
 * A link pointing to trac files
 * [?ecrire/inc_version.php#trac]
 * [?ecrire/inc_version.php#tracNNN] // NNN = line number
function glossaire_trac($texte, $id=0) {
	return _URL_BROWSER_TRAC . $texte . ($id ? '#L'.$id : '');

Author Mark Baber Published : Updated : 02/06/10

Translations : English, français